Proactiv Body Wash

Why should you choose Proactiv body wash over the thousands of other skin care products out there on the market? The choice is made even more difficult by the fact that every manufacturer claims that their product is the best, even though there is no perfect skin care product to suit absolutely everyone. We all have seen the infomercials regarding the Proactive skin care cream, constantly being endorsed by celebrities and other notable public figures, but the question still remains regarding whether or not the Proactiv body wash version is as good.

As mentioned earlier, Proactiv body wash is not going to be suited to everyone. Many individuals with non-severe blemishes may be able to get away with using a mild soap to clean themselves up. Obviously though there are people that need a stronger solution. Before you buy or order Proactiv deep cleansing body wash, you need to realize that it is more of an exfoliant than a simple body wash. The way an exfoliant works is by removing dead skin cells from the surface of the skin, encouraging new cells to form which revitalizes the skin and keeps the pores open.

In other words, Proactiv and acne body wash should never be a substitute for a daily body wash. In fact the Proactiv solution body wash should only be used twice a week at the most, otherwise you run the risk of irritating your skin to the point where it becomes worse than when you started. Many Proactiv body wash reviews praise the fact that the body wash actually contains two exfoliants in the mixture as opposed to just one. This is said to be the advantage and edge of Proactiv body wash compared to other body wash you can find in the market.

The first component of the Proactiv body wash is the 2% volume salicylic acid, which is the compound that is found in the majority of other skin care products. It works effectively to remove blocked pores by washing away dead skin cells and sebum, oil produced by the skin when it needs restore the balance of moisture. The second exfoliant is a collection of micro beads which work to physically unblock the pores by scrubbing away impurities. This is where Proactiv body wash really excels, because the mild acid starts the job and the beads finish it. Other skin care products on the market that only have the acid usually have a poor pore penetration power which would only render it an ineffective exfoliant.

Proactiv body wash is also ideal for people who are looking for an effective alternative to benzoil peroxide. Many people who have very sensitive skin will be able to tell you how bad peroxide based products are, often leaving the skin flaky, itchy and extremely red. A good, regular washing routine is the best way to keep your blemishes under control, and the Proactiv body wash solution is only meant to compliment that routine.